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Software Engineering Services


SSN School of Advanced Software Engineering (SSN SASE) offers advanced trainings and services in software engineering. These services facilitate the implementation of software engineering principles in terms of specific methodologies and practices. Further, SSN SASE has considerable expertise on the tools and methodologies from IBM Rational. This expertise is available in realizing the services. This results in automation of various software engineering activities leading to quality development and delivery of software applications.

The services are offered as

      • short duration and intensive trainings

      • implementation of tools and methodologies on projects and

      • a short combination of both training and implementation.


SSN SASE defines a service as an implementation or a deployment of a set of specific software engineering practices or tools delivered using a well defined approach that leads to well defined benefits to the customers.

The following are the three types of services offered by SSN SASE:

  • Training services
  • Implementation and Express services

Training Services

These are intensive and short term training programs that imparts knowledge on a specified methodology or tool. SSN SASE offers trainings on specific software engineering methodologies and specific IBM Rational tools.

These trainings are conducted either at the customer site or at SSN SASE facilities. They comprise class room lectures and hands-on workshops. The trainings are structured in such a way as to absorb the basic concepts quickly.

The following are the training services offered by SSN SASE:

    • Methodologies

      • Business Process Modeling using UML – 2 days

      • Requirements Management – 3 days

      • Software Architecture – 4 days

      • Object Oriented Analysis and Design – 4 days

      • Introduction to Service Oriented Architecture – 2 days

    • IBM Rational Tools

      • IBM Rational Unified Process – 1 day

      • IBM Rational Method Composer – 2 days

      • IBM Rational RequisitePro – 1 day

      • IBM Rational Software Architect – 3 days

      • IBM Rational Functional Tester – 3 days

      • IBM Websphere Business Modeler – 3 days

Implementation and Express Services

The following list shows the implementation services offered by SSN SASE. The duration of these services depends upon the specific project on hand.

These services are also offered as Express services by incorporating a short training module in each of the service. This has the benefit of combined training and implementation services but within a shorter duration.

Specific proposal is provided separately for each of these services depending upon the interests of the customer.

  • Methodologies

    • Business Process Modeling using UML

    • Requirements Management Process

    • Review of Software Architecture and Design

    • Project Planning and Management under Iterative Model

    • Model Driven Product Engineering Process

    • CMMI Realization using IBM Rational Unified Process

  • IBM Rational Tools Deployment

    • Customization of IBM Rational Unified Process

    • IBM Rational RequisitePro

    • IBM Rational Software Architect

    • IBM Rational Software Modeler

    • IBM Websphere Business Modeler


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