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SSN SASE - Carnegie Mellon Collaboration    

The vision for the SSN School of Advanced Software Engineering (SSN SASE) / Carnegie Mellon University collaboration is to improve the state of Software Engineering practices within the Indian IT community.

Carnegie Mellon, home of the Software Engineering Institute, the top rated school of computer science, and the Professional Software Engineering Programs has had a bigger impact on Software Engineering Practice than any other academic institution. Not only has Carnegie Mellon University developed leading Software Engineering Practices, but they also work to transition these practices into industry. For the last eleven years Carnegie Mellon University has partnered with SSN SASE to broaden this vision to the Indian Software Engineering community.

There are a number of mechanisms used to accomplish this vision including:

  • The offering of a Professional Masters Degree in Software Engineering from Carnegie Mellon University through SSN SASE.
  • The availability of a Carnegie Mellon certificate program in Software Engineering through SSN SASE. Optionally the credits earned in this program can be transferred to a graduate degree program at Carnegie Mellon University.
  • Direct engagement with the development teams to roll out the best practices.
  • The creation of tailored training programs designed to meet the specific needs of industry arranged by SSN SASE.

For further details and discussions please contact Dr S V Albal, Director, SSN SASE,

Carnegie Mellon - Useful links

MSIT-SE program, along with MSE program, is offered by Institute for Software Research (ISR), School of Computer Science , Carnegie Mellon

SSN SASE is one of their international partners for offering this program.

SSN faculty included in the list of international faculty on the CMU site.

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